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Courses include:
Film Directing
TV-Content Production


Professional Screenwriting Online Course

Course code: OWSRA08201901

Course Languages: english, german and arabic

Course duration: 8 Weeks

Course fee: 650 €

Screenwriting is typically the focus of a dramatics study and proves itself time and again as a science in itself. However, you do not necessarily have to study at a film university to learn screenwriting.

Our online Screenwriting course has the great advantage of being open to everyone. The workshop at the film schools, however, are reserved exclusively for enrolled students and therefore come more or less elitistly. If you have a good idea and a strong goal in mind to create a movie template, you can use our workshop to learn or perfect screenwriting.

What will you learn?

  • Film Genre
  • Storytelling
  • Plot and Plot Points
  • Dramatic Structure
  • Three-act structure
  • Protagonist and Opponent
  • Script Format
  • Practical training (Writing short film)

After successful completion of the course you will receive the certificate “Professional  Screenwriting”.

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