Our media services for television channels and production companies include all stages of digital content production as well as planning and development.

We produce digital content for TV channels and educational institutions. The customer can either ask us to produce a specific film, or buy the rights of independent films and reports that we produce.

TV content

You can purchase TV content rights that interest you.

Available Materials:
Short films

Contact us via e-mail to get the best offers.


We work with our partners in several countries around the world, and we can exclusively produce raw videos, reports or documentaries.

Countries currently available: Austria, Germany, America, Vietnam, Turkey, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Vietnam, UAE and Palestine.

How to request video from abroad?
Send your request via email, along with your name and important video information:
Name of country and city
Type of use (documentary, news, educational, feature film, reportage etc.)
Video duration
Video quality and type
delivery date
We review your order and will respond within 3 days.


Do you want to develop your TV channel and enter the media competition strongly?
We help you reach your goal through our media expertise. But how is that?
We watch your TV shows and evaluate them based on our experiences. After a thorough research, we prepare a development plan that fits your channel.
Then we keep in contact with you and re-evaluate and follow up the results periodically.
The value and duration of this service vary from channel to channel.

Send your request for free by e-mail, including the name of the channel, the website and the country. We review the request and provide you with an answer within 3 days.
Available languages: German, English and Arabic


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